The Sense of Sanity 6.2.2003
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Okay, I've thought long and hard.. but it's clean slate time.

I'm so wrapped up in secondary characters I have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore, and can't see the future of the comic. So, I'm stopping it. Current storyline is now dead.

I introduced everyone way to fast and bled the story I *had* to death. So... It's over.

Now, I start anew. New story, no house, no girls, no sanity.

Rest assured, every character *will* return over the course of what I hope will be many frequent updates to come. It may take several months, but I hope to gradually work them back in, in some form or another. Charlie, Air, and Josie are all plot pivital characters, so it is likely they will appear first. But, for now. I'm writing the new story, sketching ideas, and hoping I can finally get motivated.

This will start on Keenspace, but if Dave can get his stuff together, I'd like to lauch offically on

The future is unknown. And we'll see where this goes.

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